Alberta sends out 180 NOIs on 5th July

Alberta has selected candidates from the Express Entry pool. This draw happened on July 5th and 180 Notifications of interest were sent through it. Fortunately, candidates with low scores of 425 were selected. These candidates were selected as per the requirements of Alberta Express Entry Stream.

Once they get the nomination from the Alberta, they are then eligible to get the 600 points which make them have an edge over other applicants who have applied for Express Entry.

Alberta has clarified that the visa aspirant apart from having a profile in the Express Entry must be part of a certain occupation to get selected.

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The other conditions to get selected for the Alberta Express Entry stream are:

  • A job offer provided by Alberta
  • Someone close to you who isalready residing in Alberta
  • Or a post-secondary degree from a Canadian institution and a job offer from Canada

17 draws have happened through the Alberta Express Entry stream in 2019 and 3,996 candidates have been picked up so far. This is good news for all the visa aspirants to this province. This score of 425 is a relief for the candidates. Even Express Entry draw has high scores for candidates upto 438. So, through Alberta Express Entry stream they can easily get selected. Out of these 17 draws, 4 of the draws for the Alberta express entry stream selected Express Entry draws with scores equivalent to 300. Three draws happened at a score of 301 and one had a score of 302.

Why Alberta is a good choice?

In Alberta, the income is more than the average Canadian income. It is 92,800 which is more than the average Canadian income of 78,400.

Edmonton and Calgary are two major cities of Alberta. You can get to visit hospitals and clinics here at a low cost.

Schooling starts here at age 6 and goes till 16 years. It’s free of cost. This is true about education in public schools. The candidates can benefit from low-cost colleges and universities. This is because their tuition fee is subsidized by the government.

There are also polytechnic institutions situated in Alberta where you can study.

Alberta express entry program thus provides you to be in a great province. Southern Alberta Institute of technology(SAIT) and northern Alberta institute of technology(NAIT) are two such institutes. Both these institutes are located in Edmonton. Weather does not go to the extreme level in Alberta. You can get 1,900 hours of sunlight in the here too in the Northern portion of Alberta.

A candidate must have a low score of 300 to get selected. Without such a score, Alberta express entry candidate can’t be considered for immigration here.

However, some kinds of professionals are not eligible for employment here:

Those professionals whose occupation is a part of the Alberta opportunity stream Ineligible occupations list. This list includes occupations that are filled by people of Alberta and therefore this province does not want any outsider for it.
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