Earthquake report world-wide for Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019

Earthquake report world-wide for Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019

I just fried pancakes expecting guests. It so happened that they canceled the visit. I am slightly nervous: “Call your parents or our friends. Someone is coming, because what will I do with this amount of food! “I muttered under my breath. I was soon in a bad mood when it turned out that not only did I murmur that day … Around 19:00, when I was still stirring hot stuffing to pancakes. It began …

It was not the first time I felt the earth shaking. I remember listening to music and writing something on the computer that year. Then the earth shook for a few seconds, and I thought my husband was doing a good job and shaking the armchair from the swivel armchair.

We waited, tightly covered, until it was over. I was terribly afraid. The earth was shaking, and I was with her. I shouted loudly to God for mercy, begging THAT it would end. Our bitch, not knowing what is happening, barked as if she could stop this horrible phenomenon. After 1.5 minutes everything calmed down. It turned out that in some parts of the city there is no electricity, and over-charged telephone networks are not able to fulfill their services.

We looked out the window. Many people were outside. According to the recommendations, after such a strong shock, it is better to spend an hour outside the home in order to prepare for the replay. We decided that first we will have dinner, then we will think whether it will really be necessary to spend the night outside. Just in case, we prepared warm clothes, the most important things and comfortable shoes. We were ready to escape ..For best services you can visit just goto earthquake traking.

This time it was different. I do not know why and what it depends on, but as I was in the kitchen, I did not hear the sound that preceded the earlier shocks. Everything began to waver to the right and left. It was difficult to keep balance, but I did not fall. I started calling my husband. When the quake did not stop after a few seconds we ran to the kitchen and hid under the marble table.

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