How football changed the lives of slum-dwelling children in Chennai

How football changed the lives of slum-dwelling children in Chennai

Finally, around 13.45 the activity ended, as the cessation of rain fell on the Banda Road area. I am sure that after the activity ended, the participants, including me, returned to their homes to bring a lot of new knowledge and info about football.

Marhaban is the World Cup !


The wall clock in my room shows at 9:45 p.m. I didn’t feel that I had struggled in front of my laptop for almost 3 hours. WordCount in Microsoft Word shows that I have typed more than 1200 words, a new record because I have never written this before. Fatigue is increasingly in the midst of the temptations of the 2014 World Cup group phase match tonight. I don’t know which option I will choose after this, whether to take a break or just watch the World Cup match tonight.

From Persib Field, participants moved towards Siliwangi Stadium. The stadium was originally used as a football club for the Sparta club, a military football club in the Dutch era. According to Kang Novan, Siliwangi Stadium built with money udunan Bandung citizens with passion to host the Asian Games, although in the end Bandung until now has never hosted the Asian Games. This is new information for me and also the participants, because previously widespread information was that the construction of the Siliwangi Stadium was initiated by Kodam III / Siliwangi.

At the Siliwangi Stadium participants also shared about Persib Bandung. Kang Novan told of the irregularities of March 14, 1933 as the date of the founding of Persib Bandung, because if indeed Persib was founded on that date, why in some articles he met did not find the name Persib as a football club in Bandung, but PSIB.for more info you can check that.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

Aqwam and Kang Novan also told a little about Bandung Raya and the strange structure of league competition in Indonesia. What is it like? I will illustrate: Bandung Raya, the champion of Ligina II was originally inhabited by players from the UNI, a team that competed in the internal division of Persib.

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