Hyundai Hyundai HD270 2019

Hyundai Hyundai HD270 2019

The capacity of the car can reach 130 horsepower. Highlights of the D4CB engine is the electronic injection technology CRDi gives the car a completely different power, improving the ability to save gas as well as creating more power and loading for the vehicle during operation. Accompanying it is the EURO4 emission standard that the vehicle achieves, committing not to discharge into the hazardous waste environment.

The safety system on the Hyundai 2-cylinder ben 2 is extremely optimized?

Chasiss part chassis is made of steel with bearing capacity with extremely high intensity. In addition to adding expansion to the chassis, Hyundai has added holes in the chassis. The front wheels of the car are equipped with disc brakes, the rear wheels are equipped with drum brakes, which help the driver easily handle in unexpected situations.

Currently, dump trucks are often used to transport construction materials such as sand, soil, stone, cement … to serve the needs of infrastructure construction. So the N250 was born to solve this problem when moving into the city during rush hours or narrow roads that big trucks could not access.

What is the price of the current Ben N250 and where to buy it?

With the convenience that it brings together with the ability to save gas extremely outstanding, ben N250 has gradually conquered customers and found a place in the small trucks of ben type.

Currently the price of the Hyundai 2-ton ben 2 ton is produced by Hyundai Thanh Cong: 550,000,000 VND

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