In sks: with 02 sky antennas (60cm or 90cm antenna varies according to your place). You ought to use one antenna pointing on the superstar one c2 satellite tv for pc (to get hold of the signal) and the other pointing at such a hispasat, intelsat 58w, ses4 22w, intelsat 23 53w, or amazonas 61w satellites (to release the sign).

On iks: with 01 antenna linked to the big name one c2 Azamerica (to receive the sign) and an internet connection (to liberate the sign), which can be thru rj45 cable or wi fi adapter.

In cs: with 01 antenna related to satellite tv for pc big name one c2 (to acquire the signal) and an internet connection (to liberate the sign) hiring a server over the internet, which can be through cable rj45 or wi fi adapter.

What satellites

– Sky (on sks too)

– Hi tv

– Clean television

How Many Channels? (approximate)

– 200 channels

– 32 hd (less sky)

– choicest, adult, ppv, serials, youngsters, bbb, and so forth …


– Easy navigation menu

– Works with up to two antennas and or with internet

– Crucial version from the most up-to-date az-the us line

– Compatible with usb wifi adapter

– Vod (so that you can watch anyplace you’re, you best have to be on-line)

– DLNA, it’s a “shortener” because you could even update the television control, just have a well matched tool consists of


– Receiver

– Remote control

– Audio and video cable

– Energy supply

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