Making Money From the Internet – 46 Easy Ways

Making Money From the Internet – 46 Easy Ways

Then I knocked on my father’s door again. Dad, I said, like this, you broke my enthusiasm, you said you would work like this job can not grow money… And my father wanted to borrow money to return this process that thanks to seeing the sales etc he had helped 🙂

Even though I had earned such good money, the government forbade the passage of supplement products such as protein powder from customs in individual purchases 1 or 2 months after I started this business, and with my ban, my business was destroyed.

Of course, once I make money from this job, when I taste the money, I quit? Will the customs issue prevent me? No way.

When it came to the customs ban on the product I sold, I changed the products. I started to sell products from Ebay, amazon with the same method in gittigidiyor. It was there in the hour, when I bought hairpiece (false hair) from China’s worldwide serving sites and sold it at gittigidiyor.

Even staying for a while why I thought that after only limited Türkiye’il

I purchased a since Turkey banned the passage of customs from the supplement-style product I in other countries where no ban these products are products that I bought from iHerb with the idea that I would continue to sell again all over the world through eBay.

At that time, both the intensity of the lessons, the proliferation of my competitors, and I do not foresee that this job will not be a very long-term work, and also interest in more web sites , such as opening a blog, such as opening a long-term and more jobs (which work much longer and more I left this trade at some point and concentrated on my own blog and website building projects.

So the product comes to the buyer and the invoice comes to me. The product is shipping by iherb to the person I sell in gittigidiyor, reaches it in 7 days, when it reaches the person who makes the purchase from gittigidiyor’dan product has reached my hand, he confirms that no problem and transfers the money to me in gittigidiyor g

I said no, it can’t be that simple, you’re skipping something, Burak…

Making money from the Internet cannot be that easy. No, I mean, if it’s really that easy, if there isn’t a problem with the system I think in my head, if it works perfectly, I thought to myself there was someone who thought about it before me.

Then I shared my idea with my first father. First thing he said; son people are idiots? Why buy themselves for 55 dollars from abroad, while you can sell them to a figure of $ 160, he said.

I said that people do not research abroad, the father is usually only looking at the price of Türkyie said. That’s ridiculous, like you said, how many people there are, people are investigating the whole, or pay double the big idiot.for more info you can check that internetten para kazanma.

Of course, even though my father destroyed my enthusiasm, I gave it a chance because there was no cost to try. (I would just take the product pictures and information and open an advertisement in gittigidiyor)

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