Mathematicians find a completely new way to write the number

Carroll is a long way from alone in scratching around this ball park. As of late in these pages, scholar Lee Smolin itemized his work that reaches comparative resolutions, though from the altogether different beginning stage of attempting to clarify quantum hypothesis’ unspeakableness (24 August).

Zoom farther from the domains of material rainbow, and psychological researcher Donald Hoffman’s thoughts recommend that existence are simply amazing developmental deceptions (3 August).

Regardless of whether any of these thoughts are correct or to be sure important stays to be seen. In any case, recollect, comparable concerns twirled around Einstein’s thoughts at the time.

Could material science help individuals with epilepsy? That is the issue handled by Louis Nemzer, a physicist at Nova Southeastern University, in the September 2019 issue of Physics World magazine, which is out now in print and computerized positions.

He feels that AI and constant checking of the cerebrum could give individuals with epilepsy live data about how much in danger they are of an inescapable seizure – and is notwithstanding building up a cell phone application to help them in day by day life.

Somewhere else in the issue, Peter Martin and Tom Scott from the University of Bristol depict how they’ve utilized automatons to outline levels at the Chernobyl plant (see video beneath), which you can likewise peruse on this site from 2 September, while Kate Brown from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology looks at the wellbeing effect of Chernobyl drop out.

Lastly, don’t miss an incredible element by Michela Massimi from the University of Edinburgh about how “model autonomy” could hold the response to the storm of information from present and future analyses in molecule material science.

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