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Creating buzz on social networking sites can drive tons of viral traffic to your websites. But, are there steps you can actually take to help essay help reddit generate more buzz and therefore much more web traffic? Sure there is. But how you might ask?

First, try to have something that is buzz-worthy. This could be just about anything, but the top “social buzz” items often have to do with something that falls into these categories: funny, stupid, heart-warming, or bone-chilling. The further along the spectrum the content is the more likely other people will want to pass it on to someone they know. There must be a reason for it to go from one person to another.

Learn which social media sites do the most “buzzing”.

Most people assume Facebook and Twitter do the most “social buzzing”, but this is not likely to be true. While Facebook does get tons of web traffic, people are only connected with however many friends they have at one time. Same with Twitter. So even if you post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, unless you have a ton of followers you might stop the buzz before it happens.

Instead, consider posting your buzz-worthy content to sites like Digg, Stumble Upon and Reddit.

These three sites alone have caused more server crashes due to social buzzing then probably all other sites combined. These sites are actually a cross between social networking and social bookmarking.

Digg is one of the largest social ping sites on the planet. This site has actually been used to refer to server crashing traffic generation as having a site “Digged”. There are even a host of software products out there for caching your website content enough to claim the title “Digg Proof”. In fact, sites that generate buzz can acquire traffic numbers in the millions from a day or two atop the Digg homepage.

Stumble Upon is another large-scale social bookmarking site. The community of users are extremely dedicated to quality content on this site. This is another site where front page listings could bring down a server just based on the sheer volumes of views the homepage gets. Stumble Upon users can bookmark and share the content directly from their browser with a download-able toolbar. Making the sharing as easy as one click of the mouse. Great for social buzzing.

Reddit is another large sharing site. Many Reddit users are likely online reading it right now. Millions of posts per month covering just about every topic you can think of pass through the Reddit homepage. Everything from jobs, helping others, and even sub-categories to narrow down topics even further. This community has taking niches to a new level. If there is a sub-Reddit about a topic, chances are someone is discussing it.

If your story is truly buzz-worthy, posting it to these three sites at one time could literally melt your server. You might want to let your web-host know what to expect.


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