Secrets of a “Zombie” Fungus Revealed

Greater Than Life

Nicholas Ray’s 1956 magnum opus Bigger Than Life depended on Berton Roueché’s New Yorker article “Ten Feet Tall” from 1955. The piece accounts an instructor’s plummet into compulsion after his primary care physician endorses him the medication Cortisone.

The Killing Field

In view of Sydney H. Schanberg’s New York Times Magazine “The Death and Life of Dith Pran,” The Killing Fields pursued two writers caught in Cambodia during Pol Pot’s Year Zero takeover and decimation in 1975. The film proceeded to get seven Academy Award selections, and Haing S. Ngor won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his depiction of Cambodian photojournalist Dith Pran, the focal point of Schanberg’s article.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm depends on “The Storm,” an Outside article from writer Sebastian Junger distributed in 1994. The piece was in the long run ventured into a book titled The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea in 1997. The film adaption featured George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane, John C. Reilly, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, William Fichtner, and Karen Allen.

American Gangster

For American Gangster, screenwriter Steve Zaillian and executive Ridley Scott adjusted Mark Jacobson’s New York Magazine article “The Return of Superfly,” which pursues the ascent and fall of ’70s medication boss Frank Lucas.

Boogie Nights

Mike Sager’s 1989 Rolling Stone article, “The Devil and John Holmes,” was utilized by Paul Thomas Anderson as motivation for his film on the porno business, Boogie Nights. The article narratives pornography star John Holmes’ plunge into medication misuse and his contribution in the Wonderland murders of 1981.

Saturday Night Fever

English shake columnist Nik Cohn’s “Inborn Rites of the New Saturday Night” was first distributed in the June 1976 issue of New York Magazine.

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