The 10 best offensive lineman in college football for the 2019 season

The 10 best offensive lineman in college football for the 2019 season

Once before the Chelsea match – Stoke, I received a message from the user about the log in Smiggy. He wrote: if you beat The Blues, on my birthday I tattoo my ass on my face. The victory was unlikely, but eventually succeeded. After the match I wrote to my new friend: Czolem, when you have a birthday, my friend? I am writing this to emphasize paranoia in making accidental tattoos.

Do you know why I do not have them? Because I look into the past. I see my haircut and think: no, kur **, how could I like it? I look at old photos and I am ashamed: wounds, how could I buy such jeans.

The guys have beards, but after years they come to the conclusion that they are hopeless (what you fuck, Peter – an addendum from Mateusz Święcicki). Some people wear mustaches, and after years they shave them and never return to them.

Do you remember barbed wire around the biceps? In 1996, they were fashionable. In 1997, they seemed slightly outdated. In 1998, it was already a lot of snow. In 1999, people covered them with long sleeves. Robbie Savage once had a tattoo with the Armani logo on it. I will not mention in detail how much pain and time it cost him to remove this horror.

My second argument is: the body. I’m not muscular like Cristiano Ronaldo. I do not have a fantastic figure. From the child, they were shouting to me: freak. Can you imagine what tattoos would look like on my skin?

I could have them on my hands. Let’s just slap some words. But the font would have to be tiny. Though a lot would fit. On our feet we would fit the names of all the clubs in which I performed.For best services you can visit just goto 먹튀.

Today, tattoos have become the basis. It’s like you can not be a professional player without even one tattoo. You are going through the youth system and you already have some. The first team – the whole sleeve. Another season – the second sleeve. Then chest, back, legs, neck.

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