The dentist from Radlin swindled 176 thousand from the NFZ. PLN

The dentist from Radlin swindled 176 thousand from the NFZ. PLN

Everywhere rush, bust of bureaucracy and sounding like a mantra ” The closest date on the NFZ falls …” – here often patients receive information about a date so distant that some people wonder if they will live to see it. In addition, there is a permanent lack of time for what is most important, that is, real interest in the patient and his or her health problems, proper examination, analysis of symptoms before diagnosis and genuine commitment to treatment and monitoring of the patient’s health.

Patients want referrals for research or specialists, they want to be listened to, treated and rehabilitated … But who has time to deal with such a demanding attitude when they are pursuing dates, scare controls from the NFZ and the specter of cutting off or taking away the contract?

However, let us consider whether the lack of time and resources for treatment due to scarcely separated contracts by the NFZ may be an excuse for distorting the mission and role of the doctor and serving the patient not time, commitment and medicine for his health problems, but a bitter pill in the form of irritation and dealing with filling up successive documents instead of devoting attention to man and his health problems.

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