These massage guns will punch your muscles to relieve pain

What to look for in a percussive massage gun

Pace and electricity: in case you work out loads and frequently revel in soreness or pain, you must opt for a rub down gun with at least two adjustable velocity and energy settings — one being less extreme so you can nonetheless use the gun on very sore muscle tissue wherein you are experiencing muscle pain.

Kind of movement: Do you need just vibration, vibration plus muscle gun, vibration plus a circular motion, or a few other mixture? when searching for a rubdown gun, make sure to be aware of how the tool can provide the remedy.

Portability: if you’re going to be touring together with your massage gun, you may need one that may without problems suit into a bag or suitcase. even though most are certainly hand-held massagers, a few devices are instead cumbersome but there are some of small, transportable massage weapons designed to be taken on the street.

Attachments and accessories: in which in your frame will you use the rub down gun? If you may simplest use it on just your big muscle mass, which include your lower back and legs, you probable don’t want many attachments or add-ons. but in case you intend to use it on precise areas, which include the arch of your foot, you’d benefit from attachments meant for those particular regions.

Battery life: a long battery life is always beneficial. The closing issue you need is to your rubdown gun to die whilst you want it most.

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