Wines from Georgia

Toward the finish of his fruitful venture with amphora wines (Qvevri) in Georgia, Martin Darting, in the interest of GIZ (Society for International Cooperation), welcomes to a “little wine reasonable” with Qvevri and common wines from Georgia and Germany, at Stephan Pellegrini GmbH in Landau.

The occasion has the aphorism “Back to the roots”


Since summer 2014, Martin Darting, for the benefit of GIZ, is going with an undertaking in Georgia that cares for the 8,000-year-old winemaking society and, specifically, the wine-developing in the “Qvevri” (Tonamphore). In the interim, a relationship of winegrowers has been set up (Qvevri Cluster) and a sommelier associate (Fabian Hartmann) was prepared to import various wines to Germany. These are wines that have not yet been accessible in Germany!

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The Georgian wine-developing locale four huge wine-developing areas Kakheti in the east, Kartli with the Kura valley in the southeast, Imeretia in the western focal part and Ratcha-Letschchumi and Niederswanetien in the northwest of the nation. The wine-developing zone covers a territory of ​​60,000 ha. A cadastre does not yet exist in which the zones and areas are determined.

Quevri is additionally called pot in Georgia, it is an enormous dirt pot (12cm thick), which is covered in the ground, as it couldn’t withstand the weight of the crush uninhibitedly. This internment happens halfway in a structure – Merano – adjusted to the sun and wind.

Wineries from Georgia: Wineries Amiran Vepkhvadze/Archil Guniava/Dasabami – Zaza Darsavelidze/lago’s Wine/Naotari/Nebi/Petriaant Marani/Satsnakheli

Wines from 100 percent Qvevri-development, common, natural – though not ensured by European models – and more often than not sans sulfur are displayed.

The wines ought not be contrasted and orange wines, since the technique and strategy for Quevri wine is set in precisely the customary way.

The reviews and quality administration were done by means of the PAR framework.

An especially alluring subtlety accomplishes the occasion by the introduction of nature wines and those “made with minimal off”, which were delivered in Germany.

The accompanying wineries have flagged their support:

Pfalz: by Bassermann Jordan – Odinstal – Heiner Sauer – Oliver Zeter – Ansgar Galler – Frank John Wines – Winery Peter Schmitt – Winery Eymann

Close: Fox Jakobus

Baden: Höfflin – Schamberger Hof – Winery Hubert Lay

The wines are reliably of extremely high caliber and tactile.

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